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Jodees Inc, products feature a double-sided, pressure sensitive, transparent, peel and stick adhesive. The products are easy to use, they can be lifted up and reapplied until the job is just right. The bond is industrial strength, and it is safe in both the washer and dryer!

Used by crafters, designers, window covering workrooms, technical companies to name a few.

CREATIVE IDEAS: DIY Tote Bag – Video Tutorial

Our good friend Debi www.debisdesigndiary.com created a fantastic video showing the design and building of a fun DIY craft video. Her video shows you how to make a jute webbing tote bag using Sealah tape … no sewing!

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Summer DIY Project:  Birdbath

Designer Kay Ellen, created this clever birdbath out of of an old weathered plant stand and an antique china bowl. She added Sealah tape to the bottom of the bowl and another layer to the top of the plant stand. She pressed them firmly together (Sealah is pressure sensitive) and waited 24 hour for the bond to cure fully. Her creation is a beautiful, functioning, addition to her garden.

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