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Sealah Tape is user friendly, extremely strong bond, ironable. Its bond stays sticky, and can be lifted up and reapplied until the job is right.

After the project is complete, materials can be separated using adhesive removers.

Sealah tape has a strong bond on smooth, clean, dry surfaces.

Used by crafters, designers, window covering workrooms, technical companies, mini railroad collectors, and many more.

Jodees Inc, products feature the double-sided pressure sensitive transparent peel and stick adhesive with industrial strength. Cures within twenty-four hours of application. No ironing required. If desired you may iron the project to set the adhesive even quicker. All tapes and adhesives are ROHS/REACH compliant.

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Sealah Tape Products:

SEALAH-NO-SEW TAPE is a double sided, pressure sensitive, transparent, industrial strength, peel and stick adhesive. It is a good idea to always test our adhesive with every fabric as they may be treated with non-stick repellent chemicals. Our tape can be used on a variety of fabrics, trims wood metals, glass, leather and plastic – just about any surface. It is great for window treatments, trim applications, home decorating, crafting, lamp shades, scout badges and appliqués, scrap booking, stamp embossing and repairs or all sorts. Most of your gluing can be done mess free and without burns. We hope it will provide you and others with many short cuts to your work!  Sealah Tape is Available in 5 yards rolls and 30 yard rolls.

A. Sealah 20 Gauge Shaper 7 Yards (round)  Thin Sealah Shaper has the same formulation as our original Shaper but it is 20 gauge wire that bends in all directions. It can be used for rosettes, bows, ties, light weight fabric returns, permanent valance shaping, soft sculpture shaping, doll clothing, costume shaping, enhancing any type of ruffles and applications of your choice.

B. Flat 1/4″ Shaper Wire 10 Yard Package  Sealah Shaper is use to help shape valances, draperies and craft projects in desired forms. It can be place in the middle of a seam, under banding and trims to let you easily bend to the shape you desire. 1/4″ non rust flat wire embedded in our double sided, pressure sensitive, industrial strength peal and stick no sew adhesive. A hot iron will expedite the 24 hour curing time before you put stress on your project.